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People always dreamed the possibility to replace damaged cells and tissues with new and young ones.

Ukraine was the first place where unique methods of human fetal stem cell therapy was invented, and patented, and where the world's first specialized cell therapy clinic - EmCell was opened in 1994.

Our doctors were the first to set forth indication for stem's application in different diseases and condition.

Our's is the world's largest clinical experienced in stem cell therapy. Over 17 years of clinic's operation, we performed more than 6,000 stem transplantation. Simplicity and high-efficiency of treatment attract thousands of patients from 69 countries of the world.
EmCell 经验丰富,已成为世界上最大一家专门使用干细胞疗法的医院。17年以来,我们已经实施了6,000多例干细胞移植手术。我们的手术简单、高效,服务了来自于全世界69个国家的几千名患者。

Patients are asking what makes the cells we use better than the other cells, adult, cord blood or animal cells. The truth is, that no other cells have this unique combination of properties offered by fetal cells.

In comparison with other cell types, fetal stem cells have the highest multiplication rate and potential to transform into different types of specialized cells. Therefore their application allows for not only clinical effect,
but also for general health improvement.

Among human's stem cells, fetal stem cells are the best choice for treatment, they have the strongest curative potence, and no side effects.
「Alexey 教授,医学博士,EmCell细胞治疗中心联合创始人、首席科学家」

They are not rejected by acceptance, they can give any kind of cell prosperity and thus, with Ukraine's over all the universal stem cells, and can be a holistic treatment for a very variety of visitors.

Besides, we do not use bio-engineering technologies such as cloning and culturing. The procedure itself is painless and minimally invasive. No surgery is necessary. Procedure simplicity enables us to complete the treatment in two days.

The unique tissue restoring abilities of stem cells allows for the replication in a wide range of diseases and conditions. Our research and 17 years of clinical work prove the effectiveness of fetal stem cells in most grave acquired and hereditary diseases.
赢百万彩票注册 干细胞具有独特的组织修复能力,可以在多种疾病和健康状况中自我复制。我们做过的大量研究,以及17年的临床经验,保证了胎儿干细胞在治疗很多致命疾病和遗传疾病中发挥积极作用。

Type-1 and 2 diabetes mellitus, multiple soclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease, posttraumatic states, miocardio, vascular diseases, cardio failure, autoimmune and genetic diseases, blood, respiratory and joint diseases make up only a part of the list.

Our treatment success is achieved by combining different stem cells with regard to the nature of disease treated. Body regulation systems controlling and administering cells, defines specialization of these cells in accordance with body needs, which ensures desirable clinical effect.

Best effects were seen in multiple soclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, aging and immune deficiency as well as in diabetes. Our treatment in diabetes are very unique. About 20 years ago we were the first in the world to describe hyperglycemia effect of fetal stem cells and developed stem cells treatment for diabetes.

In 1994, international patent evaluation regarded our work as pioneer innovation, which helped us to receive both Ukrainian and European patents.
Whereas our method is effective, hyperglycemia effect is present in both Type-1 and -2 diabetes. In Type-1, treatment is most effective at onset because it terminates auto-immune reaction against the patient's own B-cell of the pancreas preventing the further destruction which results in higher insulin secretion. Metabolism balancing results in lower cholesterol, lipid count, uric acid levels as well as weight loss. Improved micro circulation in our organs and tissues improve their functional capacity. Generally speaking, stem cells therapy prevents many severe complications of diabetes.

Our method is highly effective at different stages of the diseases, including severe complications affecting eyes and kidneys. After treatment, patients report long term for months and years of general improvement, less weakness, improved physical and mental capacity, more energy and sexual potency.

5:07 「拥有世界上最大的细胞悬液库」
The key to our treatment is our cell suspensions. Production and quality control is performed by our bio-technology department. Cell suspensions undergo viral and bacteriological screening and their safety is confirmed by the certificate issued by the independent state laboratory. EmCell owns the world's largest bank of fetal cell suspensions. Sample varieties stored in the crowd bank enables our specialists to choose the optimal stem cells, combination and treatment protocol in each and every case, which brings excellent results. In-house production and transplantation of cell suspension is the only way to ensure high quality of cell transplant. And this is what makes us different from other clinics that use cell
suspensions by other companies.
赢百万彩票注册 EmCell拥有世界上最大的胎儿干细胞悬液库。保存在细胞库里面的种类繁多的样本,让我们的医疗专家可以针对单独的每一个病例,来选择、组合并且定制对优化的治疗方案。这样才会有最理想的结果。我们内部完全自制细胞悬液,再实施移植,这是确保高质量细胞移植的唯一办法。这也是我们和从外面公司采购细胞悬液的医疗机构不同的地方。

6:07 「前沿研究」
Our methods are patented in the USA, Holland, Greece, Russia, and Ukraine. Our doctors who teach at the national medical universities are constantly engaged in the research activity. They defend theses on stem cell application in different diseases and prepare reports and presentation for international events. We are constantly working on new treatment protocols.

Our success and the incomparable professional work of our staff attract the large number of partners representing us in different countries and continents all over the world. In North America and Middle East, in Europe and Southeast Asia. Look at the map, we are closer than you think.
在 EmCell 治疗成功率高,工作人员无可比拟的专业水准,吸引了大量的合作伙伴,遍布世界各个国家和大洲。在北美、中东。在欧洲和东南亚。你要是看地图的话,就会发现 EmCell 其实就在你身边。

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